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Special Guest Interview - Jeff with - Oct 15, 2020

With all the hype around Decentralized Finance, it's tough to cut through the BS and really separate which projects with truly evolve the space from the ones that are just out to steal your funds.
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The development of builds upon proven cryptocurrency code and ideals with a goal of making a safe and global cryptocurrency ecosystem that can be used by individuals, businesses, and governments.
SafeCoin begins with the belief that liberty, truth, and freedom in a digital age are built directly upon the foundations of strong decentralized security and privacy.
Jeff and I discuss DeFi and the future of Centralized Crypto Exchanges and the hazards that come with breaking trail with Regulations.
We dive into Smart Contracts and the MATCH Protocol, 51% attacks and stepping up your security with SafePay. He also shares his thoughts on the BitMex situation and how the ecosystem will move forward after the legal battles, as well as why this makes DeFi so exciting.
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It was great to connect with Jeff and get to learn more about SafeCoin! I really hope you enjoyed this interview and as always, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below!
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